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Pedaços de Aventura, Lda. is a tourism entertainment application based in Cascais that started its activities in August 2011. Record with registration No. 99/2011 by RNNAT (Turismo de Portugal) covering recreation tourism and recognition of the natural tourism activity.

It is composed of a young, dynamic and trained team in adventure sports.


Pieces have the objective of promoting contact with nature, respect for the environment and integration in green spaces, transmission of environmental values through a diverse range of educational activities, from leisure and sport to free air.

We seek to promote a healthy lifestyle through adventure sports activities, always trying to help develop motor and psychological abilities  of the participants, if in the overcoming of fears and other less positive feelings that  manifest themselves in high-stress situations,  the development of less developed motor skills.

We also seek to promote the development of team spirit, the unit and the cooperation in carrying out "team building" activities, among  compañeros and  friends.


According to the objectives, Pedaços is divided into four complementary areas:

bits of adventure  — Activities related to tree climbing and adventure sports

Pieces of Flavor  — Cafeteria and Terrace Service

Vacation Breaks (Vacaciones)  — Sports vacancies

Pieces of Imagination (Imagination)  — Recreational activities related to art and culture


We develop our activities in Parque Palmela in CASCAIS , a public park located 5 minutes from the train station. The park has unique features that allow us to develop recreational and educational programs that enhance different sensations and strong integration in the natural environment, as well  as the promotion of the importance of the preservation of the environment.

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