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The aquatic sports are carried out in collaboration with  maritime-tourist operators and are intended for schools and groups (minimum 20 people).

Packet 1:  Stand Up Paddle and  tree climbing

Stand Up Paddle is a sport  of Hawaiian origin that arose from the need for some surf instructors who stood up on the boards to obtain a better perspective of the large groups. To move, start with  resorting to las palas that were replaced more adelante by las palettes.

This activity is carried out on Playa de Duquesa, in Cascais.

package  2: Bodyboard and  tree climbing


A sport practiced on the surface of las olas del mar in el que el practicante  Use the tabla to slide in the cresta de las olas hacia the arena.

This activity  It takes place on Playa de Carcavelos.

Packet 3: Surf and  tree climbing


This sport is aimed at initiation, the objective is to provide safe, fun classes  and techniques. The most important thing is the desire to surf and enjoy the most of las olas and the contact with nature.

This activity  it is carried out in the Carcavelos play area.



Security is carried out by certified monitors. It is mandatory to wear a float jacket and to know how to swim is a prerequisite.

The Benefits


Like  In all sports, these activities have countless physical and psychological benefits. However, we highlight the benefits in terms of  cardio-respiratory system and  balance.

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