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The water sports activities  are carried out in partnership with maritime-tourist operators and are destined to schools and groups (minimum of 20 people).

pack  1:  Stand Up Paddle and Treetop Activities

Stand Up Paddle is a sport originated in Hawaii that arose from the need of some surf instructors who stood on the boards to get a better perspective on large groups.  In order to move, they began to resort to shovels which were later replaced by paddles.

This activity takes place in Praia da Duquesa, in Cascais.

pack  2: Bodyboarding and Treetop Activities


A sport practiced in the sea, in which  the practitioner uses the board to slide by the crest of the waves towards the sand.

This activity takes place in Praia de Carcavelos.

pack  3: Surf and Treetop Activities


This sport is aimed at initiation, the goal is to provide safe, fun and technical classes. The most important thing is the will to surf  and enjoy  the waves and contact with nature.

This activity takes place in Praia de Carcavelos.



Activity safety is ensured by certified monitors. It may be mandatory to wear a floating vest and knowing how to swim  is a prerequisite.

The Benefits

Just like other sports, this activities promote  innumerable physical and psychological benefits. However, we highlight the ones in the cardio-respiratory system and balance.

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